csr-rki1RKI Social responsibility policy

RKI CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy is an important part of our day to day business, managing people as an employer, monitoring construction activities as a Company and we behave as a consumer.
People:The philanthropic element of our balanced strategy is delivered via employment and technical and professional training to the students where we have construction sites operating whom are able to ensure and contribute to the life learning skills and they are delivered to the areas of greatest need in the communities in which we operate.
Engaging with stakeholders: Consulting with and listening to individuals or groups who have an interest in what we do is a key part of the way we work and of our corporate social responsibility.
Suppliers:As a national company dealing with hundreds of external suppliers, RKI prides itself on conducting business in an ethical way – from paying bills on time, to evaluating the environmental impact of our supply chain activities.
Our CSR priorities are clearly linked with the direction of our business in achieving its growth strategy and objectives.
We aim to be responsible, accountable and ethical in the way that we conduct our activities and to recognise the obligations and shared expectations that corporate social responsibility brings.
Sub-contractors:As well as ensuring sub-contracting and supplying companies meet the criteria of our procurement policy, we check they have sound environmental and social credentials before becoming a preferred RKI supplier and sub-contractor.
Over many years, RKI has taken steps to improve our environmental performance, modifying our systems, processes and behaviour to reduce our impact on the environment being socially responsible. More recycling facilities and energy saving measures have been introduced throughout all RKI offices.