hs-rki1RK’s Health & Safety Policy

RKI Builders Pvt Ltd. recognises the importance of Health and safety in the work place and we provide a healthy and safe working environment and conditions for all our Staff, Employees, Sub-Contractors and Clients.

It is the policy of RKI Builders Pvt Ltd. to comply with existing Health and Safety Regulations, Standards, RKI Codes of Business Practice, and we ensure that the necessary resources, structures and procedures are provided to promote and achieve the highest possible Health and Safety Standards.

It is the responsibility of Management and Employees to promote, implement and follow safe working practices and to safeguard the workforce in the place of work.

RKI dedicated to the continuous improvement of our Health and Safety Performance and Objectives and this is implemented by:

  • Providing Employees with adequate and relevant information, instruction and training required to work safely and efficiently and to promote safety awareness among our Employees and Sub-Contractors on site.
  • Making Provisions of on-going safety training to Employees to ensure they have up to date knowledge on all Health and Safety issues
  • Make sure that Employees recognise and understand that they have responsibility for their own safety and that of others working in the construction site
  • Identify and then eliminate / reduce / control the risks in the construction workplace and protecting those who may be affected by the risks
  • Regularly Carrying out internal and external health and safety audits and reviews of sites, safety procedures, etc., evaluating the results and implementing the recommendations
  • Assessing continuously and monitoring the risks to Health and Safety and improving procedures and working practices as required to a maximum.
  • Adequate provision is made to promote safe systems of work by ensuring the timely action.
  • Asking the feedback from Employees on the effectiveness of Health and Safety measures on site.
  • Making Sure that all RKI Sub-Contractors working on our sites follow the same safe operating procedures as our RKI Employees