sustainable1RKI Environmental Sustainability policy

We deliver solutions that help Clients and society minimize their environmental impact and improve their quality of life. RKI is committed to complying in full with all relevant National and International Environmental Legislation, Directives and Best Practice Guidelines, also updates and improves where and when necessary.

RKI is dedicated to the continual improvement of Environmental Performance and this is implemented by:

  • Measurement of Environmental Performance on a project by project basis and using this information to review policy and make changes in objectives, targets, resources, and other requirements.
  • Identifying of our Clients Requirements and prioritisation of these Requirements based on the manner in which they affect the Clients business.
  • Promoting the Environmental awareness amongst all our Management staff, Employees, Sub-Contractors, Suppliers and clients
  • Providing the training for our staff and employees to inbuilt and enhance Environmental Awareness
  • Creating and Implementing a site-specific Waste Management plan for all Projects
  • Encouraging by providing facilities for the segregation of Waste Materials and maximising the re-cycling
  • Make provisions to Comply with all Statutory Environmental requirements to help reduce harmful and carbon emissions
  • Re-searching alternative Environmentally Friendly procedures and modern methods of construction

At RKI we believe that our Environmental Policy will also enhance the economic performance and sustainability of our company and also our communities we work with.