Vision1RKI’s VISION of Integrity, MISSION of Values and System

At RKI, we are passionate about building infrastructure
We believe in the potential of building Infrastructure to change the face of humanity for the better. The great promise of our construction industry is to deliver Projects that will make the world a better place—to live and indirectly by our conduct, by providing jobs, and by fueling the National and Global economy And improving the standard of living.
We are fiercely focused on these goals and we are equally focused on “how” we accomplish them. Our VISION is based on Values of Integrity, Respect for People and Protecting Our Planet is evident in our corporate culture and connects each of us around the world by Building Infrastructure.
The Golden Standard, RKI’s Code of Conduct, puts a framework around these Values that is multifaceted and clear, setting expectations and guiding Our behaviour our intent, ofcourse, is to enable ethical, lawful decision-making and to create an construction environment of respect, but that’s not all We believe it is also our responsibility as a global corporate citizen to extend these Values well beyond our Company walls.

As an Infrastructure building company we are committed to promoting socially responsible conduct that aligns with 12universally accepted principles, including those related to human rights, labour, the environment and the fight against corruption. These principles are woven throughout the Code of our conduct and are also consistent with our expectations of clients, suppliers, sub-contractors and business partners.

At RKI, we embrace opportunities in the National and global marketplace by applying innovative construction practices, but we are more than construction Company, We are a thought leader a Source of economic growth and a company with unquestionable integrity our long-term sustainability depends on it, and our Board of Directors, our clients and our communities expect nothing less.