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Your development:

No two people’s journeys at RKI are the same. Personal development is exactly that: personal. Built around you and your ambitions. Ambition is not a bad word at RKI. If you know where you want to go, we give you the tools, the training, the coaching, mentoring and skills networks to get there. We balance giving you the best of opportunities with the best of the training and support you need to exploit them.

Training, mentoring and coaching:

Career journey-1

Great output needs great input

Personal development is at the heart of our determination to be an employer of choice. We train, coach and mentor our people. To pass professional qualifications.In leadership, in management.To achieve their ambitions.

No external training consultant knows more about our disciplines than the leaders in their fields that already work here. As mentors, as coaches, part of their job is to inspire, inform and guide you, giving you exposure to the best in the business.

And we fuel those channels with a substantial proportion of our profits each year, reinvesting in the intellectual capital of everyone who works with RKI.

Career mobility:

Discover more about yourself

Within disciplines, you choose your route. Technical or commercial. Client-facing or internal. Leading projects, leading people or leading geographies. In your original discipline or exploring something new. Many people have multiple careers within RKI

Going to work can be a journey of exploration and discovery. We use our national presence and range of disciplines to put those career choices in your reach. For some, this freedom has taken them to different parts of the world. For others, it has taken them from one aspect of the firm’s work to another.

Your reward:

 A rewarding career

We’re committed to workforce diversity and equal employment opportunities. Those beliefs are reflected in the way we reward staff. The benefits you enjoy working with RKI are tailored to suit the local conditions and needs of our many sites and offices. What they all have in common is a highly competitive package of benefits: a package driven by principles of fairness, transparency and flexibility.

Graduates and interns:

Start here, go anywhere

You are the author of your own story at RKI. We give graduates from diverse backgrounds and disciplines the iconic projects, the questioning culture, access to top talent and a programme as carefully designed as our projects. You choose the direction. For many, that will also mean choosing the location. If you share with us a desire to shape a better world, we give you all the scope and support you need to do so. Start building your career and your legacy to the world. Start your RKI journey here.

Your work:

Work should not be just a means to an end. With the right environment, it can be an endlessly stimulating, surprising and fulfilling endeavour. We set out to create that environment: a place where you can exercise and explore your talent. Of course we respect your work/life balance: only happy people produce great work and happy clients. But we also make huge efforts to build and fuel a stimulating work culture where you can collaborate on challenging issues and projects to create a lasting and positive difference.

Apply for a job:

Take the first step

There is a diverse range of opportunities for the curious-minded to explore at RKI. Here’s how to take your first step.Start your RKI journey here.

Please fill the details in the online application with information and upload your curriculum vitae for the next desired action.

What happens to your information?

Rest assured that any personal information you provide RKI will only be used for recruitment purposes, or in relation to your job were your application to be successful.