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Adding Value
As a company RKI have a strong track record of creating value in areas which are considered by others to be marginal. In addition, we have a reputation for being straightforward and trustworthy with our partners and for honouring our commitments to the clients and stakeholders.


RKI Builders is a dynamic, responsible and respected partner to a wide range of public and private sector organisations in India.

Indeed, many of the Group’s projects are successfully developed in partnership with other organisations, Municipalities, housing corporations and local communities.

Partnerships are often the best way of successfully developing complex sites which benefit from the combined experience, skills and shared resources of the partners.

We are able to offer our partners a comprehensive range of partnering solutions.  This full range of services enables us to create tailor-made solutions to your particular business development requirements. You will therefore benefit from an optimal solution that utilises the skills and experience of one of the India’s fast developing Infrastructure Development Company.

RKI Builders Pvt Ltd offers you an extensive range of services that will meet a wide range of requirements. These services are underpinned by world class expertise gained through the delivery of a very wide variety of schemes.

  • Development Investment

You can invest in our developments in a variety of ways, ranging from straight forward acquisition through joint venture to funding of the construction works and project funding.

  • Sales and Marketing

We can expertly manage all aspects of the sales and marketing of your developments ranging from strategy through to pricing and media relations.

  • Development Management

We can provide advice on all aspects of development, including land value optimisation, accommodation mix, design brief, specifications, layout, phasing and financial appraisal.

  • Project Management

We can take responsibility for all aspects of the project up to the start of construction i.e. inception, including design team co-ordination, project programming, risk assessment and value management.

  • Town Planning and Architectural design

Our Town Planning Service can be provided on a standalone basis or with our Architecture Service to give you seamless progress from first scheme concept through to detailed planning application and consent. We can also offer a Construction Stage Design Service.

  • Public Funding

We have an excellent relationship with the Banking and other financial institution and over the years have secured many Crores of grants and other funding, for our partners and ourselves. We can work with you to explore funding opportunities and then submit, and progress applications.

  • Design and Build Contracting

We have provided a Design and Build Contracting Service to public and private sector clients for over a decade. We can provide it to you on a stand-alone basis, or with our other services. We help you to build both public and private developments and infrastructure from 1Crore to 4,000 Crores, ranging from Greenfield development sites in rural areas to major city centre Developmental schemes.

Areas of the Operation:

The majority of the development land in our control is located in the key growth areas of the Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, and Orissa, if the developers are interested we can expedite the sources With the Group’s reputation and wide range of skills we are well placed to take advantage of the many opportunities that lie ahead.