team1RKI Team

At RKI we have made mandate ‘concept to completion‘ to heart and each and every one of us is focused on delivering results, no matter our role in the business. We have structured and dedicated teams that work in the various divisions. But what sets our teams apart is that they comprise highly qualified individuals with the ability to direct and organise their departments efficiently. This  allows us to deliver a consistently excellent service to our customers. They are focused and dedicated in driving the business and collectively looking for ways to strategically shape the business for the future.

We place great emphasis on the value of training and personal growth and on building a company culture that enables our staff to achieve a high level of job satisfaction. We have ground to work of construction people at our disposal allows us to seamlessly manage every aspect of a project from start to finish. This ultimately enables us to deliver high quality service and advice to each of our clients.

Rajendra Prasad
T. Satish Kumar
K. Sridhar Reddy
P. Kishore Kumar
K Srinivas Reddy
Office and Technical Staff

Over and above the key members company has the a team of 14 member as administrative staff and 52 member technical staff.

Office Staff

* 3 Senior Managers

* 2 Senior Accountants

* 5 Junior Accountants

* 2 Marketing Executives

* 2 for e-procurement of tender

Technical Staff

* 8 Senior Engineers

* 12 Junior Engineers

* 20 Site super visors

* 2 Electricians

* 10 others